Changes to Google Local Results

When you do a local search at google you get a map with 10 pins and a listing of the top 10 businesses. Ever wish you could see more than just ten local search results at once? Google did too and has done something about it.

They added a search layer for local search results that activates when there are more relevant results than we can show on one page. Instead of just plotting the first page of business results on our map, we plot more of them as small circles. You can click on the circles to get more information about the businesses they represent. The top ten results will still appear in the left-hand pane and as pins on the map.

What this means to local businesses submitting their site to Google Local is that they will no longer have to “game” the system by using the city center zip code.

Read the entire story here. Google LatLong: 1000 is the new 10

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